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Bassist, Vocalist, and Composer

If Mimi Jones' sound could be summarized into a few words, it would best be described as, a delicate fusion of traditional & contemporary jazz, eclectic soul, funk, rock . . . textures and dynamics simple yet unpredictable progressions, supported over a heavy bounce no matter what the groove, always crowned with a memorable melody. Despite the effort, this description doesn’t even begin to capture the renowned talent that is Mimi Jones.

As a multi-talented bassist, vocalist, composer, and educator , she has studied with well esteemed artists such as Lisle Atkinson, Justin Diccioccio, Barry Harris, Ron Carter, Milt Hinton, Dr. Billy Taylor, Yusef Latif, Max Roach, Linda McKnight, Maria Schneider and Guillermo Edgehill. After earning her Bachelors of Music degree from the Manhattan School Music Conservatory, she has continued on to share the stage with artists such as Lionel Hampton, Denis Charles, Kevin Mahogany, Ravi Coltrane, Rachel Z, Sean Jones, Kenny Barron, Jesse Davis, Ingrid Jensen, Diane Reeves, DD Bridgewater, Lizz Wright, Roy Hargrove, Tamar-Kali, Nona Hendricks, Corey Glover and Toshi Reagon to name a few.

Ms. Jones is recognized as a US Jazz Ambassador having been commissioned four times by the U.S. State Department to perform and culturally exchange in Brazil, Uruguay, Equador, Barbados, Jamaica, Nevis, Dominican Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, and Algeria.

Mimi made her debut at Carnegie Hall as part of the "NY Women's Ensemble Orchestra" directed by Virginia Luque, and featured soprano Ana Maria Martinez and pianist Sonia Rubinsky.

Her talents have also been recognized by the commercial music industry as well, as she was personally flown in by singer Beyonce Knowles to perform at an elaborate birthday party for her husband hip hop mogul Jay-Z.

In 2009, she released her debut her album "A New Day" which boasts original compositions that are seamlessly tied together by her sultry voice. Currently, Mimi Jones is touring her recently released album entitled "Balance" featuring Ingrid Jesen on trumpet, Justin Faulkner on drums, Shirazette Tinnin on drums, Luis Perdomo on piano, Miki Hayama on piano, Enoch Smith Jr. on piano, Marvin Sewell on guitar, Sean Harkness on guitar, Camille Thurman on flute/ voice and Mala Waldron on vocals.

Ms. Jones was voted #2 on the Down Beat Critic's Polls, "Rising Star" Electric bass category for two years in a row.

Mimi is currently working on a collaboration with pianist composer Arco Iris Sandoval on a project called The D.O.M.E. Experience where they infuse elements of the classic orchestra, a jazz big band, dance and cinema to bring an awareness to the world's social and environmental issues.

To find out more about Mimi Jones visit:

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Featured Albums

Balance - Mimi Jones

A New Day

New release coming soon . . .

  • June 27 - Mimi Jones w/Mimi Jones Band Small's Jazz Club, NYC

  • June 28 - Mimi Jones w/TFQ Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal, QC

  • June 30 - Mimi Jones w/Camille Thurman 4tet
  • July 6 - Mimi Jones w/Banana Pudding, "Nuyorican Poets" NYC

  • July 16 - Mimi Jones w/Tia Fuller Quarter, Edinburgh, UK

  • July 23 - Mimi Jones w/Tia Fuller Quarter, TBA NYC

  • July 27 - Mimi Jones w/Tia Fuller Quarter, "Stamford Jazz Workshops"

Mosaic-Terry Lynn Carrington
Odelicious Poems-Samantha Thornhill
A New Day-Mimi Jones
Balance-Mimi Jones
Pillar Of Strength-Tia Fuller
Healing Space-Tia Fuller
Decisive Steps-Tia Fuller
Fellowship-Liz Wright
On the Milky Way Express-Rachel Z
Pino Danieli Live:Concerto Medina Tour 2001-PinoDanieli
A Morning Glory-Dottie Anita Taylor
Twenty Two- Luis Perdomo
Focus Point- Luis Perdomo
Purity: Humility of my soul- Shirazette Tinnin


Mimi Jones Band

Quartet Featuring:
Bass/Voice, Sax, Piano and Drums
A delicate fusion of traditional & contemporary jazz, eclectic soul, and funk Original Music/Contemporary Jazz Arrangements/ Cross Over Genre

Next Stop Harlem

Sextet Featuring:
Trumpet, Sax, Trombone, Piano, Bass, Drums, (Vocals and Dance options)
Mini Musical Theater Project — arranged music based on the Harlem Renaissance and Jazz from the 30's, 40's and 50's, including Poetry and Dialogue

The D.O.M.E. Experience

Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra CoLed by Mimi Jones & ArcoIris Sandoval
Compelling Music composed/Orchestrated and inspired by environmental/social issues
For more information visit

"We seldom "push" CD's to the top of the review stacks, but every once in a while, the first listen (just kinda') DICTATES that our thoughts about the music we're hearing MUST be written down in/of the moment. It's an odd comparison, in a certain sense, but it's like the very first time I listened to a Joni Mitchell album... I knew that the artist's vision was part of a new paradigm..."

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